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Happy Easter

Last night my mom called and texted to encourage Joe and I to join my family to watch Life Church's Easter service online. Times are hard right now. I really miss all of my family and friends. I definitely have taken them and their closeness for granted prior to this pandemic, and social distancing. Most of the time I truly felt like I was protecting my energy. I am an introvert through and through, but this whole situation has opened my eyes to what I have been missing.

Joe and I had just settled down for the night. We got both kids to bed, which is a challenge to say the least, and finally felt the relief of the peace and quiet. We turned on a show that we were just getting into, and then our phones starting going off. Messages and calls from my mom encouraging us to join them to watch the church service. We hesitated. We tried to talk ourselves out of it. "Oh we can catch it tomorrow, it is not even Easter today" we explained to each other. I instantly felt convicted to pause the show and the silence and turn on the service.

We have not been attending church regularly for at least a year. We fell out of the routine, and into the mindset of "we can just watch it online, what is the big deal?" To then not even tuning in at all. As Christians, this is a slippery slope. It is so easy to fall into this trap. It is so important to consistently feed our minds with the word, and when we fall out of the routine, the feeding of our minds stops. It is replaced with other things, and ultimately God is no longer the center of our hearts and minds.

The message that was preached was so good. I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit the entire time. The feeling of the Holy Spirit is unlike anything in this world. It is comforting, convicting, loving, and basically feels like the biggest hug ever. We started to realize just how much we are currently trying to control our lives without the help of God. Without really caring if what we are doing or how we are acting is the true will of God. We were convicted to surrender our control. It is easy to praise Him on the mountain tops, but when you are walking in the valley, that is when it truly matters.

The foundation of my faith has always been so simple. I try to keep everything in life simple. There are so many opinions in the world about every little thing. I like to tune out the noise, and always fall back on the foundation of the simple truth.

Jesus was born of a virgin, lived on the earth without sin, and was crucified. The good news is that He rose again three days later. He endured this suffering so that you and I would be able to spend our eternity in Heaven with Him. He endured this suffering so that ultimately our sins would be forgiven.

I believe that if I keep this as the center of my foundation in my heart and the way I live my life, I will be able to help bring others to him. Again, the world can get complicated and loud. Everyone has an opinion, and they love to share it.

I do not take for granted my upbringing. My privilege. I was born into a family of believers who have always instilled in me the word of God and the importance that comes with that. I realize that not everyone is so lucky...most people aren't in fact. I believe that it is my job to use the blessing I have been given to share the good news with everyone I can. I want to show His love to every person that He puts in my path.

Tune it all out. Seek Him and you will find Him. Ask and you will receive.

Let us take this opportunity of uncertainty and loneliness to lean into Him. Surrender it all to Him.

You have a specific purpose and gift to share with the world. I pray that you have the courage to share it!

What are your Easter plans?




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