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Birthday Recap

Well I am officially in the last year of my twenties. I usually don’t feel any different, but this year hit a little differently. I’m not sure why, but I felt it. I feel so blessed to have made this far. I think I have about everything I’ve ever prayed for. I got married and pregnant at 22, bought a house with my husband, and became a mom at 23 and started fostering our soon to be daughter at 26.

Things have been far from perfect, and we have been dealt our fair share of hardships, but overall it’s been a good life. I was always one of those little girls who dreamed about her wedding and becoming a mom as soon as possible...and it happened. I know I am so blessed and I feel so thankful for it. God put those desires in my heart for a reason.

People always tell you that you change in your twenties. You grow. You discover who you are, and I couldn’t agree more. I am not the girl who got married at 22. I am not the mom I was at 23 or even 26.

Today exceeded all of my expectations. I am a huge birthday person. I live for birthdays! Celebrating someone’s life is so special. I was afraid the current situation going on in the world would somehow take that joy away from me. But it didn’t.

I hope that doesn’t sound selfish. That’s not my heart. I know that people are literally fighting for their lives, sacrificing their safety to help others, losing loved ones and jobs. It’s messy out there. And I’m praying for everyone who has been affected by it.

I think today was one of the best birthdays I have ever had. I woke up to my kids and husband wishing me a happy birthday. Noah is the biggest hype guy, I think he sang happy birthday to me at least a dozen times. My family surprised me with gifts & homemade cupcakes on my doorstep. I was able to see them from a distance & that was probably the best gift of all. It’s so easy to take people for granted, and this situation has really opened my eyes to that. I’m sure a lot of you are feeling the same way. They wrote sweet messages on the driveway with chalk that quickly washed away with the rain before I got a picture, but I will always remember it.

I have been dreaming of an air fryer since Christmas, and today my family made that dream come true 😂

I can’t wait to try some new recipes and share with you all.

We got our first box of Farm Girl Flowers & I couldn’t love them more. Flowers are my favorite gift to give and receive.

I wish this wasn’t taken with an instagram filter, but here we are

I also treated myself to the Poppy Choker from Made By Mary that I have dreamed of for years. I apparently went all out this year. YOLO.

It’s livin up to the hype.

We ordered some of our favorite Mexican food for dinner, and watched Breakfast at Tiffany’s (It’s tradition.)

It has been a chilly and rainy day and I have loved it.

I think that maybe I feel so much joy from this day, because over the last year I have grown so much. I have grown closer to my parents. My siblings. New friends. My children. My husband. God.

I can’t wait to see what my thirties will bring. Getting older is a blessing I will always cherish.

I wish I had more photos to include in this post, but I genuinely lived in the moments today.

1. Are you a big birthday person?

2. What is your favorite thing to do on your birthday?



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